BoF Sessions

The Percona Live Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions are Wednesday night, April 2, from 6 to 7 pm.

  • Michael Basnight, Amrith Kumar
    Ballroom A
    Tired of producing yet another database server/cluster for your customer? This BOF session will focus on Trove, OpenStack Database as a Service, and its related components. Do you have questions, about Trove? Bring them along. This session will cover topics such as installation/operation, the future vision for Trove, and how you can help guide the future roadmap. Talk to people who are running... [read more]
  • Alexey Kopytov, Laurynas Biveinis
    Ballroom B
    Discuss all topics related to Percona Server and Percona XtraBackup with members of the development team.
  • Intermediate
    Przemysław Malkowski
    Ballroom C
    MySQL 5.6.10 was released as GA back in February, 2013. It means that by the time conference starts many users will have more than a year of real production use experience with this latest and greatest release in MySQL new history. During this BOF session I'd like to discuss specific use cases that demonstrate the impact of new MySQL 5.6 features in InnoDB, Replication and Optimizer, real... [read more]
  • Erin O'Neill
    Ballroom D
    There are just not enough women working on the technology side of tech. The media keeps shouting that a diverse work place is good for all and data scientists say the data proves this. Then why aren't there more women in MySQL? Where are the women at the MySQL conferences? Sure the number of women attending is increasing but not so the number of women speakers. Why do some companies have so... [read more]
  • Intermediate
    Dimitri KRAVTCHUK
    Ballroom E
    Come to have an informal discussion with all members of MySQL Team present during the Conference. Don't miss an occasion to get the info directly from the source! As well we're very curious to know what are your main issues today when using MySQL Server in your production environments. Please, share! - probably we already have, or will have soon a solution to your problems ;-)
  • Tara Bruckert
    Ballroom F
    This is a chance to discuss MySQL replication experiences, lessons learned, and tips and tricks.
  • Daniel Nichter
    Ballroom G
    Discuss Percona Cloud Tools ( with its development team.
  • Intermediate
    Tim Callaghan
    Ballroom H
    Are you running MySQL to the outer edge of it's performance capabilities or do you wish you were? - How did you do it? - Were there any trade-offs? - Lessons learned? Attendees of this BoF session should be willing to share their real-world experiences in getting the most out of their MySQL servers (inserts, updates, deletes, queries, replication performance, etc.). This isn't... [read more]
  • Jeremy Cole, Calvin Sun, Davi Arnaut, Steaphan Greene, Ian Gulliver
    Room 203
    Formed as a collaboration among engineers facing similar challenges in running MySQL at scale, WebScaleSQL was born out of a desire to achieve greater performance from a database technology tailored to their specific needs. It aims to enable the scale-oriented members of the MySQL community to work more closely together in order to prioritize the aspects that are most important to us. In the last... [read more]