Maximizing SQL Reviews and tuning with pt-query-digest

Database Administration
24 April 11:10am - 12:00pm @ Ballroom B

pt-query-digest is one of the more valuable components of the Percona Toolkit available as OSS to DBAs. In this talk, we will review the following with an eye towards real world test cases, output reviews and anecdotal production experience.

* Overview of functionality and usage
* Gathering data: slow/general logs, tcpdumps and more.
* How to use pt-query-digest against CSV tables (useful in Amazon RDS)
* Reviewing and interpreting output
* Identification of most executed queries and opportunities for improvement
* Identification of most impactful queries and opportunities for improvement
* Automating reports for devops and engineering teams using pt-query-digest


Mark Filipi
MySQL Team Lead, Pythian
With years of experience as a MySQL DBA, Mark has direct experience administrating everything from multinational corporations to tiny web startups. He leads a global team of talented DBAs to identify performance bottlenecks and provide consistent daily operations.