Discover the Power of MySQL » Percona Live is an intensive one-day MySQL summit. There are four tracks of expert speakers, including Percona consultants and hand-picked guests. The sessions are 100% technical—even the sponsored sessions. At Percona Live, you will:

  • Learn what works from leading companies who use MySQL.
  • Hear how to drive down costs and improve performance with innovative solutions.
  • Discuss your unique challenges and discover options for solving them.
  • Meet face-to-face in the "hallway track" and make lasting connections.
  • Engage the best and brightest in a lively job market.

At Percona Live, you'll benefit from the expertise of the most accomplished system architects and developers in the business. You'll see how to tackle your old problems in a whole new way.

Oct 24 and 25, 2011
America Square Conference Centre
1 America Square
17 Crosswall
London EC3N 2LB

Schedule: Monday 24

Time Room
08:00 AMRegistration
09:00 AM
Fleet Suite:
NDB Cluster - Part I
Yves Trudeau (Percona)
Johan Andersson (Severalnines)
Walbrook Suite:
MySQL For Developers - Part I
Kenny Gryp (Percona)
Ludgate Suite:
Innodb Architecture and Performance Optimization
Peter Zaitsev (Percona)
Cornhill Suite:
MySQL DBA swiss army knife
Frédéric Descamps (Percona)
Bishopsgate Suite:
Scaling LAMP - Part I
Alexey Rybak (Badoo)
Newgate Suite:
Linux and H/W optimizations for MySQL
Yoshinori Matsunobu (DeNA)
12:00 AMLunch
2:00 PM
Fleet Suite:
NDB Cluster - Part II
Yves Trudeau (Percona)
Johan Andersson (Severalnines)
Walbrook Suite:
MySQL For Developers - Part II
Kenny Gryp (Percona)
Ludgate Suite:
Expert Troubleshooting: Resolving MySQL Problems Quickly
Baron Schwartz (Percona)
Cornhill Suite:
Advanced MySQL Scaling Strategies for Developers
Jonathan Levin (PalominoDB)
Bishopsgate Suite:
Scaling LAMP - Part II
Alexey Rybak (Badoo)
Newgate Suite:
MySQL High Availability Sprint: Launch the Pacemaker!
Florian Haas (Hastexo)
5:00 PM

Schedule: Tuesday 25

Time Ludgate SuiteFleet SuiteWalbrook SuiteBishopsgate SuiteNewgate Suite
8:45AMOpening Keynote
Peter Zaitsev (Percona)
9:30AMOpening Keynote: Characterizing Performance
Paul Mikesell (Clustrix)
Aaron Passey (Clustrix)
10:00 AM
10:15 AMBuilding 50TB-scale search engine with MySQL and Sphinx
Mindaugas Zukas (Ivinco Ltd.)
Data Recovery for MySQL Tutorial on how to restore your data after physical of logical failure, using practical examples to demonstrate how to tackle this challenging problem.
Aleksandr Kuzminsky (Percona)
Istvan Podor (Percona)
Ryan Lowe (Percona)
Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: Tungsten Enterprise Clusters for MySQL
Robert Hodges (Continuent)
Trends in Data Warehouse Data Modeling: Data Vault and Anchor Modeling
Roland Bouman
11:00 AMDisk IO abstraction layer X-Rays
Aurimas Mikalauskas (Percona)
Design Patterns for Scalable LAMP Infrastructure
Frédéric Descamps (Percona)
Maximizing MySQL Availability, Data Integrity, Performance, and Scalability
Dr. John Busch (Schooner)
Building High Performance Sites with nginx, mysql, varnish and php
Tamas Kozak (Percona)
11:30 AMCoffee Break
11:45 PMB+Tree Indexes and InnoDB
Ovais Tariq (Percona)
MySQL Backup and Recovery: Tools and Techniques
René Cannao (PalominoDB)
Choosing a MySQL Replication / High Availability Solution
Henrik Ingo (Nokia)
Tuning For Speed - Percona Server and Fusion-io
Torben Mathiasen (Fusion-io)
Coding a MySQL Access layer using Ruby & Sinatra
Matthew Yonkovit (Percona)
12:15 PMLunch in Cornhill Suite (Expo Hall)
1:30 PMPerformance Tuning of MySQL Cluster
Johan Andersson (Severalnines)
MySQL in the clouds
Anders Karlsson (Recorded Future)
Hybrid Applications Using MongoDB and MySQL
Brendan McAdams (10gen)
'To have your database cake and eat it, anywhere': Bridging SQL and NoSQL worlds.
Jack Kreindler (GenieDB)
MySQL Parallel Replication in 5 Minutes or Less
Robert Hodges (Continuent)
2:00 PMPluggable Authentication in MySQL and MariaDB
Sergei Golubchik (MontyProgram Ab)
Galera Replication 1.0: Getting There
Seppo Jaakola (Codership)
Alexey Yurchenko (Codership)
Preventing downtime in production MySQL servers
Espen Braekken (Percona)
Benefits of sharding MySQL
Liran Zelkha (SCALEBASE)
Drizzle 7, GA and Supported: Current & Future Features
Stewart Smith (Percona)
2:30 PMMySQL Replication outside the box : multiple masters, fan-in, parallel apply
Giuseppe Maxia (Continuent)
A Global In-memory Data System for MySQL
Daniel Austin (Paypal, Inc.)
MySQL Partitioning: The Spider Solution
Frédéric Descamps (Percona)
The SkySQL Reference Architecture in Action
Ivan Zoratti (SkySQL)
MHA: Introducing automated MySQL Master Failover solution
Yoshinori Matsunobu (DeNA)
3:00 PMCoffee Break
3:30 PMVarious MySQL High Availability Solutions
Oli Sennhauser (FromDual GmbH)
Why MariaDB?
Colin Charles (Monty Program Ab)
Measuring Scalability and Performance With TCP
Baron Schwartz (Percona)
MySQL Cluster on stereoids - New Features in 7.2
Johan Andersson (Severalnines)
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Big Data
Matthew Yonkovit (Percona)
4:00 PMProgrammatic Queries: things you can code with SQL
Shlomi Noach (
Diagnosing and Fixing MySQL Replication
Devananda van der Veen (Percona)
Increase Performance of MySQL Queries with Sphinx
Rich Kelm (Sphinx Search)
Real-time reporting at 10,000 inserts per second
Wes Biggs (Adfonic)
Keep your MySQL backend online no matter what
Istvan Podor (Percona)
4:30 PMMySQL Sandbox: a framework for productive laziness
Giuseppe Maxia (Continuent)
Practical MySQL indexing guidelines
Henrik Ingo (Nokia)
Detecting MySQL IO problems on Linux at different abstraction layers
Nickolay Ihalainen (Percona)
The No-Marketing-BS Introduction to Couchbase, Your Favorite NoSQL Database
Jan Lehnardt (Couchbase)
5:00 PMClosing Keynote: Scaling MySQL at Facebook
Domas Mituzas (Facebook)
5:30 PMAfter Party