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25 minutes conference


Tutorial, Developer

PostgreSQL provides a way to communicate with external Data sources which can be another PostgreSQL instance or any other Database. The other database can be a Relational database like MySQL, Oracle or any NoSQL Database like MongoDB or Hadoop. PostgreSQL Implements ISO Standard call SQL-MED to achieve that capabilities. This Presentation will explain the advantage of this feature and the working of that feature with examples.


Ibrar Ahmed

Ibrar Ahmed (Percona)

Senior Software Engineer


Ibrar Ahmed is a Senior Software Engineer in Percona. Prior to coming to open source development, he had vast experience in software design and development. The main focus was in the system level embedded development, which ranges from 8bit microprobes for low power system to embedded linux for latest processor.

After joining the Enterprise PostgreSQL's company in 2006 he started his career in open source development specifically in PostgreSQL. Has contributed to the PostgreSQL community as well as other open source communities. The contribution are from main performance feature enhancement to PostgreSQL's modules. In database field he has experience in other well-known databases MySQL, Oracle, and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Hadoop. The experience does not limited to core database but with the tools related to databases like Hive, Hbase and Spark. He also worked on integrating these tools with PostgreSQL.


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