PmaControl : Overview

Tuesday 2:20 PM - 3:10 PM

@ Nikkei


50 minutes conference


Business Needs, Operations

The goal of is to show my own tools of administration & monitoring, I started developed this in 2010 like a mixte of commands for audit MySQL Server, after each client I improved this tools, today my clients enjoy to use PmaControl to know what happens with their database! The time is come to open this software.

What it's can do?

- No configuration / autodetection for all
- Replication monitoring
- Topology in real time (SST/Donor detection + progress)
- Clean efficiently
- Archiver
- UI for MySQL-sys
- Backup
- Statistics
- Graphs
- Dashboard
- BenchMark UI (with sysbench)
- MxPlain
- Switch a slave to another master (even with M/S between them without GTID)


Aurélien LEQUOY

Aurélien LEQUOY (68Koncept)



Founder & CEO at 68 Koncept Inc, MySQL Expert, Entrepreneur, Author of Glial (PHP framework) & PmaControl (MySQL Tools)


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