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April 18-21, 2016

Santa Clara, California

Reliable crash detection and failover with Orchestrator

Reliable crash detection and failover with Orchestrator

 19 April 3:50 PM - 04:40 PM @ Ballroom A
Experience level: 
50 minutes conference
Operations and Management
High Availability


The nature of MySQL replication implies various crash scenarios of varying availability impact. Orchestrator is an open source project that discovers, manages and recovers your MySQL replication. Attend this talk to learn how Orchestrator detects failures with minimal false positives/negatives, and figures out the best method of recovery even in complex topologies. We will discuss: - Complex topology types and crash scenarios - Common crash detection methods - Configuration based vs. State based recoveries - The complexity of promotion paths - Potential post-recovery limbo states - Flapping & acknowledgements - Visibility & control


Shlomi Noach's picture

Shlomi Noach

Senior Infrastructure Engineer, GitHub


Shlomi is an engineer and a database geek. He is an active MySQL community member, authors gh-ost, orchestrator, common_schema and other open source tools, and blogs at Shlomi is recipient of Oracle ACE, Oracle Technologist of the Year, and MySQL Community Member of the Year awards. He works at GitHub on the database infrastructure team.

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