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April 18-21, 2016

Santa Clara, California

Powering a Realtime Analytics Product: the Ups, the Downs, and Sideways

Powering a Realtime Analytics Product: the Ups, the Downs, and Sideways

 20 April 03:30 PM - 04:20 PM @ Room 209
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25 minutes conference
Case Stories
Data as a Service


This talk will cover the architecture and reasoning behind using Cassandra to power Parse's initial Analytics product, then walk through the trials, tribulations, and occasional successes of providing analytics for developers within an existing backend-as-a-service. We'll discuss things that Cassandra did well, things that Cassandra and its ecosystem did not do well, and our design decisions that made life with Cassandra much harder. Building a realtime time series system can be as straightforward or complex as you've designed it, but standing up to real-life usage by users over the span of several years is a whole different story.


Christine Yen's picture

Christine Yen

Cofounder/CTO, Honeycomb


Christine Yen is a cofounder of Honeycomb, a startup with a new approach to observability and debugging systems with data. Christine has built systems and products at companies large and small and likes to have her fingers in as many pies as possible. Previously, she built Parse's analytics product (and leveraged Facebook's data systems to expand it) and wrote software at a few now-defunct startups.

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