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April 18-21, 2016

Santa Clara, California

MySQL Performance Troubleshooting Best Practices

MySQL Performance Troubleshooting Best Practices

 19 April 01:20 PM - 2:20 PM @ Room 204
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50 minutes conference
MySQL 101
Operations and Management


The question comes in from your primary stakeholders: "The application is slower than normal so it must be the database." Where do you start? Troubleshooting performance issues can be a bit tricky if you don't know what to look for and how to look at it. There are a lot of moving pieces that interact within a MySQL instance that may need your attention. In this session we will show you how we do it at Percona, what to monitor and track, what to check and how so you will learn about our secret sauce to improve MySQL performance.


Michael Benshoof's picture

Michael Benshoof

Technical Account Manager, Percona


Mike is a Technical Account Manager with Percona and specializes in performance tuning and architecture/application design leveraging open source systems. His background is in the web development space, but he has several years of experience as a MySQL DBA and consultant as well. Mike founded and continues to lead the Oklahoma City MySQL User Group (h​ttp:// ​and loves to expose people to the power of Open Source software.

Sveta Smirnova's picture

Sveta Smirnova

Principal Technical Services Engineer, Percona


Sveta Smirnova works as MySQL Support engineer since year 2006, she is also author of book "MySQL Troubleshooting" and author of JSON UDF functions for MySQL. In years 2006 - 2015 she worked in in Bugs Analysis MySQL Support Group in MySQL AB, then Sun, then Oracle. In March 2015 Sveta joined Support Team in Percona. In years 2012-2015 she worked on bugs priority. She was also Support representative in MySQL Backup Development Team. She works on tricky support issues and MySQL software bugs on a daily basis. Before starting at MySQL in 2006, she worked as web developer on several closed CRM systems. In years 2012-2015 she worked on MySQL Labs project "JSON UDFs for MySQL". She is active participant in the open source community. Her main interests in recent years is solving DBA problems, finding ways to semi-automate this process and effective backup techniques. Sveta is author of the book "MySQL Troubleshooting" (

Francisco Bordenave's picture

Francisco Bordenave

MySQL Senior Consultant, Percona


Born and working in Argentina, Francisco has been working as DBA for over 8 years. Started in the health industry with SQL Server Francisco has collaborated as DBA testing and deploying backend solutions. In 2008 Francisco moved to Mobile Marketing industry where he started with MySQL 4.1 in high volume environments, he successfully collaborated on version upgrading to 5.x series. With additional experience in gaming world Francisco moved to The Pythian Group in 2011 becoming a Remote DBA, this opportunity helped to improve DBA skills in complex environments. Finally in 2013 Francisco moved to Percona becoming a MySQL consultant where highly complex environments are part of the daily work and MySQL is just one of the moving pieces. He is also an active collaborator of Argentina groups and an active participant of Argentina and Uruguay conferences, and also participated as speaker in PLMCE 2013.

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