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April 18-21, 2016

Santa Clara, California

Improving MongoDB with Redis

Improving MongoDB with Redis

 20 April 04:30 PM - 05:20 PM @ Ballroom H
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50 minutes conference
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Appboy, the world's leading marketing automation and intelligent CRM platform for mobile apps, collects over 100 billion data points each month from our customers. MongoDB is the cornerstone of our data storage and processing, but no one database is perfect in all dimensions. In this talk, Appboy co-founder and CIO Jon Hyman will walk users through how Appboy uses Redis to complement MongoDB. Topics include using Redis for atomic operations to overcome MongoDB's inability to have multiple unique indexes in a sharded environment, using Redis to buffer writes for a preaggregated schema in MongoDB, and using Redis to deduplicate results from MongoDB.


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Jon Hyman

Co-Founder & CIO, Appboy, Inc.


Jon Hyman is the co-founder and CIO of Appboy, the world’s leading marketing automation platform for mobile apps. He is in charge of building Appboy’s technical systems and infrastructure as well as managing the company’s technical operations. Prior to Appboy, Jon worked as a lead engineer for the Core Technology group at Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund. There, he managed a team that maintained 80+ software assets and was responsible for the security and stability of critical trading systems. Jon met co-founder Bill Magnuson during his time at Bridgewater, and together they won the 2011 TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon. Jon is a graduate of Harvard and holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science. While at school, he was an active member of the research team for CitySense, the first citywide wireless sensor network, and advised several tech startups. Jon grew up in Dallas and enjoys good BBQ and playing guitar. His first mobile phone was a Kyocera 2255.

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