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April 18-21, 2016

Santa Clara, California

Deep dive into the native multi-model database ArangoDB

Deep dive into the native multi-model database ArangoDB

 20 April 11:10 AM - 12:00 PM @ Room 209
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50 minutes conference
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Multi-model databases are becoming very popular as they offer unprecedented flexibility for data modeling. ArangoDB is a native multi-model database, which means it is a document store, a key/value store and a graph database, all in one engine and with a query language that supports all three data models - single document operations, graph traversal as well as joins and transactions. It scales out horizontally with convenient cluster deployment using Apache Mesos. Furthermore, the HTTP API can easily be extended by server-side JavaScript code using high performance access to the C++ database core. In this talk I will explain the concept of native multi-model; present use-cases and show queries featuring aspects of the different models in these use-cases. I will dig deeper into the internals; looking at the data storage layer and query optimizer at the heart of the system. Using open-source benchmarks we will explore if the multi-model idea can really compete with specialized solutions on their own turf. During the talk I will run a small demo showing how to deploy an ArangoDB cluster and setup a microservice on the cluster.


Frank Celler's picture

Frank Celler

CTO, ArangoDB


Since 20 years Dr. Frank Celler is working in the field of software business. He entered the world of NoSQL more than 13 years ago. Working for different companies he early discovered the potential of high-performance databases. Frank is the lead developer of the multi-model NoSQL database - ArangoDB. Prior to founding ArangoDB GmbH, the company behind the database, he worked for several German tech companies as a consultant, team lead and C/C++ developer. Frank has a PhD in mathematics and is passionate about promoting the importance of NoSQL to the world.

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