The State of Databases in 2019

Wednesday 11:55 AM - 12:45 PM

@ Big Bend CD

PostgreSQLMySQL/MariaDBMongoDBOpen Source Databases

50 minutes conference


Polyglot Persistence, Business & Enterprise

It's 2019 and there are so many choices for storing your data. There are old players on the market and there are some new kids on the block. Making the wrong choice for your database can effectively sink your product, project, and even your reputation! Should you go with SQL or NoSQL or Document database or something in between? What about polyglot persistence? Reactive, event-driven, non-blocking, async applications? What about the language bindings? What about support? Performance, Tuning, Tooling, Monitoring, Observability, Upgrades, Rollbacks, Migrations, Search & Indexing, Analytics, Availability, Durability, ACID or BASE? Building, running & maintaining storage infrastructure is non-trivial. We will look at the state of databases in 2019 and try to answer some of these questions.


Dinesh Joshi

Dinesh Joshi (Apache Cassandra)

Apache Committer / Senior Software Engineer


Dinesh is a Committer on the Apache Cassandra project. Dinesh has been a professional Software Engineer for over a decade building highly scalable realtime Web Services and Distributed Streaming Data Processing Architectures serving over 1 billion devices. He has a Masters degree in Computer Science (Distributed Systems & Databases) from Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA.


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