Pitfall! Replication Hazards: Choosing the right replication strategy for your applications

Thursday 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM

@ Big Bend CD

MySQL/MariaDBOpen Source Databases

50 minutes conference



Planning to run MySQL, and want to safeguard data via replication? There are two main choices - traditional MySQL replication or Galera clusters. Which should you choose? We can help.

- Come see recorded demos of breaking replication. We'll demonstrate and compare the different ways MySQL's replication technologies can be thwarted, threatened and thrashed. A taste of what you'll see: A single writer stopping all transactions on a Galera cluster. Rendering a slave useless by neglecting primary keys or abusing metadata locks. Creating inconsistent schemas on a Galera cluster, and more!
- Attend this presentation if you need to understand the pitfalls of each replication strategy, and want to best match MySQL's features to your Application developers' needs.

Our demos use PXC-release, a Cloud Foundry project. CF is an OSS Platform as a Service. Our project gives Operators a reliable, automated way to spin up single node, master-slave, and Galera deployments of Percona Server. We'll share what we've learned: what's working, and what we'd do differently next time.


Andrew Garner

Andrew Garner (Pivotal Software Inc.)

Staff Software Engineer


Andrew is a software engineer for Cloud Foundry at Pivotal Software working on MySQL. Before Pivotal, Andrew worked as a systems administrator, database consultant and dev-ops engineer with a focus on open-source databases at Rackspace. He has provided support for deploying, optimizing and troubleshooting open-source databases and applications for a variety of environments from start-ups to large-scale enterprises.

Marco Nicosia

Marco Nicosia (Pivotal Software Inc.)

Product Manager


Marco Nicosia is a Principal Product Manager for Cloud Foundry at Pivotal Software. He has been leading Cloud Foundry's MySQL project since 2015 and has been working with large-scale deployments since the 90s, starting at Inktomi, a Web search engine. He was an early technical leader in the PaaS industry while at Engine Yard, serving clients such as Groupon, New Relic and Bleacher Report. Marco has worked on large sites including Walmart.com, Yahoo! Search and Beats by Dre. Additionally, he was an early member of the Hadoop team at Yahoo!. Marco holds a degree in Cognitive Science from the University of California, Berkeley.


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