In-depth Percona Server/MySQL Encryption

Thursday 2:55 PM - 3:45 PM

@ Texas 7


50 minutes conference


MySQL, Database Security

1) Keyrings
- General concepts
- what happens when keyring plugin is loaded
- where keys are stored
- troubleshooting
     keyring initialization failures
     taking care of core dumps
- keyring_vault
- how to setup keyring_vault (separation of servers on Vault server)
- list of keys on a server (base64 encoded)
2) How Innodb Master Key encryption internal works:
- where the encryption key is stored
- the relation between Master Key and tablespace's encryption key
- keyring cooperation
- troubleshooting
- keyring uninstallation
3) how key rotation works
4) can table be re-encrypted?
5) Encryption threads
- what are encryption threads
- key rotation
6) binlog encryption:
- Start_encryption_event
- communication between master and slave
- checksum
- mysqlbinlog
- key rotation
- MySQL / PS encryption (8.0.14)


Robert Golebiowski

Robert Golebiowski (Percona)

Software developer


Passionate software developer. Working in MySQL ecosystem since 2014 - now with Percona, previously with Oracle. Working mainly on security features.


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