Extending and Customizing Percona Monitoring and Management

Wednesday 5:40 PM - 6:05 PM

@ Hill Country B

PostgreSQLMySQL/MariaDBMongoDBOpen Source Databases

25 minutes conference


MySQL, Observability & Monitoring

Do you already run stock PMM in your environment and want to learn how you extend the PMM platform? Come learn about:
1. Dashboard Customizations
How to create custom dashboard from existing graphs, or build Cross Server Dashboards
2. External Exporters - Monitor any service, anywhere!
Adding an exporter, view the data in data exploration, to deploying a working Dashboard
3. Working with custom queries (MySQL and PostgreSQL)
Execute SELECT statements against your database and store in Prometheus
Build Dashboards relevant to your environment
4. Customizing Exporter Options
Enable de-activated functionality that applies to your environment
5. Using Grafana Alerting
How to set up channels (SMTP, Slack, etc)
How to configure thresholds and alerts
6. Using MySQL/PostgreSQL Data Source
Execute SELECT statements against your database and plot your application metrics


Agustin Gallego

Agustin Gallego (Percona)

Senior Support Engineer


Agustín joined Percona's Support team in December 2013, after being part of the Administrative team from February 2012. He has previously worked as a Cambridge IT examinations Supervisor and as a Junior BI, SQL & C# developer. He is currently a Computer Analyst, and continues studying to get a Computer Systems Engineer degree at the Universidad de la República, in Uruguay.


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