Buffering to Redis for Efficient Real-Time Processing

Tuesday 11:30AM-12:20PM

@ Room M2

Open Source Databases

50 minutes conference



Braze is a lifecycle engagement platform used by consumer brand to deliver great customer experiences to over 1 billion monthly active users. In this talk, co-founder and CTO Jon Hyman will go over multiple production use cases Braze uses for buffering data to Redis for efficient real-time processing.

Braze processes more than a third of a trillion pieces of data each month when generating time series analytics for its customers. Jon will describe how each of these events gets buffered to Redis hashes, and some to Redis sets, before ultimately flushed to Braze's analytics database hundreds of thousands of times per minute. This talk will also discuss how Redis sets are the cornerstore of Canvas, Braze's user journey orchestration product used by brands such as OKCupid, Postmates, and Microsoft.

Lastly, Jon will cover how Braze has written its own application-based sharding for Redis in order to support the millions of operations per second that Braze needs to handle its daily volume.


Jonathan Hyman

Jonathan Hyman (Braze Inc.)

Co-founder & CTO


Jon Hyman is the cofounder and chief technology officer of Braze, a lifecycle engagement platform that forms strong bonds between people and the brands they love. He leads the charge for building the platform's technical systems and infrastructure as well as overseeing the company's technical operations and engineering team.


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