May 17, 2021 to May 18, 2021

Online, Russia

HighLoad++ Spring 2021

Percona has a large presence at Moscow’s HighLoad++ conference on May 17-18 with five presentations.  

Main sessions:

  • MySQL 8 Observability and Query Analysis with PMM by Peter Zaitsev (CEO)
  • Comparison of Kubernetes Operators for MySQL by Sergey Pronin (Product Owner)
  • Migrations between schemas and updates in MySQL: mechanisms, locks, loads by Nikolay Ihalainen (Senior Support Engineer)
  • Anatomy of a Kubernetes Operator for a database by Peter Zaitsev and Sergey Pronin

The meetup:

Databases in Kubernetes by Sergey Pronin. On this meetup, we will look at database trends in the world of containers: if someone is running PostgreSQL, MySQL, Mongo, and other databases in containers, or it is a myth. We will discuss when there is no need to run databases in Kubernetes and how to implement this process in cases when it is necessary.

Percona will also present its software products at a stand where we will hold a PMM demo for you, offer a win-win lottery, give lots of T-shirts and chat about databases, open source software, remote work or closed borders - come!

About the conference.

HighLoad++ is the largest professional conference for developers of high-load systems in Russia. It is dedicated to the development of complex IT projects and focuses on solving problems on any topic that goes beyond the usual - large amounts of data, fault tolerance, real-time systems, a huge number of users, high-performance requirements, and so on.


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