Feb 10, 2021 to Feb 11, 2021

Online, USA

Chaos Carnival 2021

Vadim Tkachenko (Percona CTO) will be presenting his talk "Create Chaos in Databases" on February 10th at 12:45 PM (EST).
Database is a critical piece of the infrastructure. With applying some chaos we can improve resiliency and reliability of a system that handles our data.
In this talk I will discuss how we evaluate resiliency and reliability of our Percona XtraDB Cluster Operator (MySQL) and Percona Server for MongoDB Operator. We run MySQL and MongoDB in Kubernetes and we are looking to proving automatic deployment and management of database nodes and we need to make sure our data and management layer is able to sustain different kind of failures. For this I will discuss what kind of failures we are looking for, how we apply them and how database handle them.
About event
Chaos carnival is a global two-day virtual conference for Cloud Native Chaos Engineering which aims to to achieve reliability in systems by breaking things on purpose.

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