The Percona Backup Service managed service launched today. It ensures properly configured backups run successfully as scheduled on customer provided backup storage – whether on premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid. Backup issues or production data recovery are efficiently handled by Percona Managed Services technicians with deep knowledge of MySQL.

As we state in our white papers, “MySQL backup and recovery are a foundational piece of any infrastructure. A well-tested backup and recovery system can be the difference between a minor outage and the end of a business.” While MySQL backups are “foundational,” they still require constant management, and the most important use of a backup, namely recovery, is often complex.

The Percona MySQL Backup Service is available for companies using any variant of single-node or clustered MySQL — on premise or in the cloud. This includes MySQL, Percona Server, MariaDB, and Percona XtraDB Cluster.

Reliable MySQL Backup Services

Developed by MySQL experts with decades of operational experience, the Percona MySQL Backup Service is based on widely adopted open source database backup software solutions such as Percona XtraBackup. Monitoring software is installed to ensure MySQL backups run as expected and alert the Percona Managed Services team to any issues. Percona experts on duty 24x7x365 resolve problems before the availability of backups is impacted and can implement a full, partial, or point in time recovery to minimize downtime and data loss on production servers.

MySQL backup data sets are secure and compliant with regulatory requirements. 256 bit encryption meets or exceeds common security and compliance requirements. Internal procedures ensure that backups are managed with extreme care and are only stored safely on secure servers. Backups are available for on-demand recovery to comply with HIPAA, SOX, or PCI requirements.

The status of current and past backups is easily accessible through the Percona MySQL Backup Service customer portal. The portal includes instructions on how to use the backups to restore data for routine purposes such as restoration of development databases.

Efficient MySQL Data Recovery

Percona Backup Service technical experts respond within 30 minutes to ensure that production data is recovered quickly and as completely as possible. We can recover:

  • Data back to the last full capture image
  • Specific tables which saves significant time when only a single table or set of tables needs to be recovered
  • Full data to a specific point in time which ensures an application can be recovered to the same state as when the data was lost

Unlike database-as-a-service solutions, the Percona Backup Service can recover specific tables and full data to a specific point in time because we create additional backup points.

Cost Effective and Highly Flexible

Our MySQL backup-as-a-service solution costs less than managing backups in-house. Our 24x7x365 team serves multiple customers so the cost of the Percona MySQL Backup Service is lower than having someone on staff to manage backups. We also use a proprietary backup approach which significantly reduces the size of backup data sets, requiring much less storage space than conventional methods.

The Percona MySQL Backup Service accommodates any combination of MySQL server and backup server locations. We can work with MySQL server and backup servers on premise or in the cloud and can even configure the process to store one backup set on premise and another in the cloud for additional protection. This configuration flexibility means we can meet a wide range of data availability and budget needs.

MySQL Backup Service Features

The Percona Backup Service is designed so backups will run smoothly and reliably. The following features are included:

  • Customer portal for anytime access to current and past backup status as well as instructions on how to restore the MySQL backups for non-production purposes
  • Efficient data recovery for production issues with full, partial, and point in time recovery options
  • A high level of security with 256 bit encryption and backups only stored on the customer’s secure servers
  • Regulatory compliance with backups available for on-demand recovery to comply with HIPAA, SOX, and PCI requirements
  • Lower cost than managing MySQL backups in-house with 24x7x365 monitoring and issue resolution combined with a proprietary backup approach which significantly reduces the size of the backup data set versus conventional methods
  • Ability to accommodate any combination of MySQL server and backup server locations – on premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid
  • Flexible configuration options which enable the service to meet a wide range of data availability and budget requirements

Learn More

Learn more about our MySQL Backup Service solution as well as register for our upcoming “MySQL Backup and Recovery Best Practices” webinar on June 18, 2014. Contact us now to learn more about the Percona Backup Service and how we can ensure your backups are ready when you need them!

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Nicely put together. We’ll review it next cycle.

Pedant: 24x7x365 makes no sense. 24×365 or 24x7x52 or just 24×7.


Can you link to or post the prices? It sounds interesting, but I dug around on and got nowhere. Without that, it’s impossible to judge the value. I’d just as soon saw off my arm as attend a webinar, but a URL is great 🙂


You might want to mention that this doesnt support the TokuDB tablespaces in the new RC

Ryan Huddleston

Hi Paul, We do currently support transaction logical backups with TokuDB.