Author - Peter Zaitsev

18 Things You Can Do to Remove MySQL Bottlenecks Caused by High Traffic (Part One)

remove MySQL traffic bottlenecks

This is a three-part blog series. Be on the lookout for parts two and three in the coming days.
There was no reason to plan for it, but the load on your system increased 100%, 300%, 500%, and your MySQL database has to support it. This is a reality many online systems have to deal […]

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Advanced Query Analysis in Percona Monitoring and Management with Direct ClickHouse Access

query analysis clickhouse PMM

In my Webinar on Using Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) for MySQL Troubleshooting, I showed how to use direct queries to ClickHouse for advanced query analysis tasks. In the followup Webinar Q&A, I promised to describe it in more detail and share some queries, so here it goes.
PMM uses ClickHouse to store query performance […]

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MySQL Performance Optimization with Percona Monitoring and Management – Webinar Followup

optimize MySQL with Percona Monitoring and Management

Last week I did a webinar on MySQL Troubleshooting and Performance Optimization with Percona Monitoring And Management v2 (PMM2).
There was a tremendous amount of interest and many more questions than I could answer, so I’m answering them in this blog post instead.
Q: What are the red and white dots on the last column in […]

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ClickHouse Versus MySQL Handling of Double Quotes

ClickHouse MySQL Double Quotes

If you’re a MySQL user trying ClickHouse, one thing which is likely to surprise – and annoy you – is the handling of Double Quotes. In MySQL, you can use both double quotes and single quotes to quote strings, and as an example, these two queries are equivalent:


mysql> select * from performance_schema.global_variables where variable_name=’max_connections’;
| […]

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Better Prometheus rate() Function with VictoriaMetrics

prometheus rate function

There are a lot of things I love about Prometheus; its data model is fantastic for monitoring applications and PromQL language is often more expressive than SQL for data retrieval needs you have in the observability space. One thing, though, I hate about Prometheus with a deep passion is the behavior of its rate() […]

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