Author - Peter Zaitsev

Uncommon Sense MySQL – When EXPLAIN Can Trash Your Database

When EXPLAIN Can Trash Your Database

If I ask you if running EXPLAIN on the query can change your database, you will probably tell me NO; it is common sense. EXPLAIN should show us how the query is executed, not execute the query, hence it can’t change any data.
Unfortunately, this is the case where common sense does not apply to […]

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Understanding MySQL Memory Usage with Performance Schema

MySQL Memory Usage with Performance Schema

Understanding how MySQL uses memory is key to tuning it for optimal performance as well as troubleshooting cases of unexpected memory usage, i.e. when you have MySQL Server using a lot more than you would expect based on your configuration settings.
Early in MySQL history, understanding memory usage details was hard and included a lot […]

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Announcing pg_stat_monitor Tech Preview: Get Better Insights Into Query Performance in PostgreSQL

pg_stat_monitor Better Insights Query Performance in PostgreSQL

I am very passionate about database observability, and I believe query performance observability is the most important insight you can get in your database.  Why? Because if you look from an application developer’s point of view, once a database is provisioned and you can connect to it, responding to your queries promptly and correctly […]

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3 Features I Love in Percona Monitoring and Management 2.10

Percona Monitoring and Management 2.10 features

Percona Monitoring and Management 2.10 shipped a few days ago and while it is a minor release, it introduces some features which I absolutely love. In this blog post, I will talk about those features – what they are and why they are worth loving. 🙂
1. Query Search

This is a great feature if you […]

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How Much Memory Does the Process Really Take on Linux?

Memory Process takes on Linux

One of the questions you often will be faced with operating a Linux-based system is managing memory budget. If a program uses more memory than available you may get swapping to happen, oftentimes with a terrible performance impact, or have Out of Memory (OOM) Killer activated, killing process altogether.
Before adjusting memory usage, either by […]

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