Not Ready to Give Up MySQL 5.6? Get Post EOL Support from Percona!

Not Ready to Give Up MySQL 5.6?As you may know, MySQL 5.6 will reach EOL (“End of Life”) in February 2021. This means in about two months, there will be no more updates, and more importantly, no more security fixes for discovered vulnerabilities.     

You may be well ahead of the curve and have already updated to MySQL 5.7 or MySQL 8.0, or even better, migrated to Percona Server for MySQL, or maybe not. Perhaps it takes more time than anticipated to adjust your application to be compatible with MySQL 5.7 or higher, or maybe you planned to decommission your application, but life got in the way. Now the EOL date is looming, and there is just no way to decommission your last MySQL 5.6 instance in time.

We have great news for our MySQL Luddites! Percona is pleased to offer MySQL 5.6 Post EOL Support, which will allow you to run MySQL 5.6 based applications for up to three more years. Keep access to security patches, stay in compliance, and best of all, you can reduce the risk of making the front page of your favorite security news publication!

Subscribing to Percona Support for MySQL with the MySQL 5.6 Post EOL Support Option will provide you with all the awesome features of Percona Support, with extended coverage for Percona Server for MySQL 5.6 post its planned end of life, providing critical fixes for any security issues and bugs you may encounter.

Not ready to give up MySQL 5.6? Talk to our sales team about MySQL 5.6 Post EOL Support.

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