How Securing MySQL with TCP Wrappers Can Cause an Outage

securing mysql tcp

The Case
Securing MySQL is always a challenge. There are general best practices that can be followed for securing your installation, but the more complex setup you have the more likely you are to face some issues which can be difficult to troubleshoot.
We’ve recently been working on a case (thanks Alok Pathak and Janos Ruszo […]

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Data Masking in Percona Server for MySQL to Protect Sensitive Data

Data Masking in Percona Server for MySQL

Starting with Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.17, Percona Server ships with a data masking plugin, using the same API as the MySQL Enterprise Masking and De-identification feature. This plugin was developed by MySQL Enterprise plugin.
What is Data Masking?
The data masking plugin mentioned above provides easy-to-use methods to hide sensitive data, such as social security […]

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MySQL Encryption: Master Key Encryption in InnoDB

master key encryption innodb

In the previous blog post of this series, MySQL Encryption: Talking About Keyrings, I described how keyrings work. In this post, I will talk about how master key encryption works and what the pros and cons are of using envelope encryption such as a master key.
The idea behind envelope encryption is that you use […]

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Setting up MongoDB with Member x509 auth and SSL + easy-rsa

MongoDB Member with x509 auth

Hi everyone! This is one of the most requested subjects to our support team and I’d like to share the steps as a tutorial blog post. Today, we will set up internal authentication using x.509 certificates as well as enabling TSL/SSL.
If using authentication in MongoDB, there are two ways to configure intra-cluster authentication:

Using a […]

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