Debian 10 “Buster” Packages Available for Percona Products

Debian 10 "Buster"Debian 10 “Buster” packages have been released into the Percona packaging repositories.  Recent versions of Percona Server for MySQL, Percona XtraDB Cluster, Percona XtraBackup, Percona Server for MongoDB, Percona Toolkit, and the PMM Client can now be automatically installed via the Debian 10 apt command.

Global Debian 10 “Buster” Setup:

Percona Server 5.7, Percona XtraBackup 2.4, Percona Toolkit 3.0

Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.7, Percona XtraBackup 2.4, and Percona Toolkit:

Percona Server 8.0, Percona XtraBackup 8.0 and Percona Toolkit 3.0:

Percona Server for MongoDB 4.0 with Percona Toolkit 3.0:

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