Percona XtraDB Cluster Operator 0.3.0 Early Access Release Is Now Available

Percona announces the release of Percona XtraDB Cluster Operator 0.3.0 early access.

The Percona XtraDB Cluster Operator simplifies the deployment and management of Percona XtraDB Cluster in a Kubernetes or OpenShift environment. It extends the Kubernetes API with a new custom resource for deploying, configuring and managing the application through the whole life cycle.Percona XtraDB Cluster Operator

You can install the Percona XtraDB Cluster Operator on Kubernetes or OpenShift. While the operator does not support all the Percona XtraDB Cluster features in this early access release, instructions on how to install and configure it are already available along with the operator source code, hosted in our Github repository.

The Percona XtraDB Cluster Operator is an early access release. Percona doesn’t recommend it for production environments.

New features


Fixed Bugs

  • CLOUD-148: Pod Disruption Budget code caused the wrong configuration to be applied for ProxySQL and had lack of multiple availability zones support.
  • CLOUD-138: The script was exiting with an error because its code was not taking into account images version numbers.
  • CLOUD-118: The backup recovery job was unable to start if Persistent Volume for backup and Persistent Volume for Pod-0 were placed in different availability zones.

Percona XtraDB Cluster is an open source, cost-effective and robust clustering solution for businesses. It integrates Percona Server for MySQL with the Galera replication library to produce a highly-available and scalable MySQL® cluster complete with synchronous multi-master replication, zero data loss and automatic node provisioning using Percona XtraBackup.

Help us improve our software quality by reporting any bugs you encounter using our bug tracking system.

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