optimize your databases for peak performanceOur latest Solution Brief uses our relationship with Patreon to detail the ways that Percona services work together to provide customers with a complete database infrastructure solution.

Last year Patreon enlisted Percona’s help with their MySQL databases. Utilizing the full range of Percona Services (Managed Services, Support, Consulting, and Training) has allowed Patreon to make the most of their database infrastructure.

Percona worked with Patreon to establish a long-term plan based on their total cost of ownership and future business direction. This plan involved moving from DBaaS to EC2 (virtual machine backed) database deployments.

Percona planned and performed Patreon’s database migration, which went smoothly, with little-to-no disruption to their application. This move enabled Patreon to save over 50% of their infrastructure cost on a monthly basis.

Our Solution Brief discusses how moving from the DBaaS model and relying on Percona’s expertise enabled Patreon to fully realize the value of their databases.

In this document, we cover a number of important considerations, including:

  • Supporting Multiple Database Technologies
  • Applying an Integrated Strategy
  • The Benefits of Migrating From DBaaS
  • Implementing Custom Processes
  • Dealing With Known Hotspots and Peak Traffic Days
  • Beyond Back-ups. Achieving Business Continuity

Percona helps companies simplify, manage, deploy, and optimize their database environments. Our significant open source software expertise means we understand how databases work, and how we can make them better.

Read our Solution Brief today to discover how Percona can help you optimize your databases for peak performance, solve ongoing issues, and achieve substantial financial savings.

We understand that choosing open source software for your business can be a potential minefield. You need to select the best available options, which fully support and adapt to your changing needs. In this white paper, we discuss the key features that make open source software attractive, and why Percona’s software might be the best option for your business.

Download “When is Percona Software the Right Choice?”