Exciting and New Features in MariaDB 10.5

New Features in MariaDB 10.5MariaDB 10.5 was released in June 2020 and it will be supported until June 2025. This is the current stable version and comes with more exciting new features. In this blog, I am going to explain the new and exciting features involved in MariaDB 10.5. 

  • Amazon S3 engine
  • Column Store
  • INET 6 data type
  • Binaries name changed to mariadb
  • More granular privileges
  • Galera with full GTID support
  • InnoDB refactoring

Amazon S3 Engine

S3 engine is a nice feature in MariaDB 10.5. Now, you can directly move your table from a local device to Amazon S3 using the ALTER. Still, your data is accessible from MariaDB clients using the standard SQL commands. This is a great solution to those who are looking to archive data for future references at a low cost. I have written a blog about this feature – MariaDB S3 Engine: Implementation and Benchmarking – which has more insights on this. 

  • The S3 engine tables are completely read-only.
  • COUNT(*) is pretty fast on s3 engine tables.


MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5 is available with MariaDB 10.5 community server. It brings a high-performance, open source, distributed, SQL compatible analytics solution. Before MariaDB 10.5, ColumnStore was available as a separate fork of MariaDB. But with MariaDB 10.5, ColumnStore is now completely integrated. All you need to do is install the package for ColumnStore “MariaDB-columnstore-engine.x86_64”.

MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5 comes with two .xml utilities, which greatly helps with configuration management.

  • mcsGetConfig : Used to display the current configurations
  • mcsSetConfig : Used to change the configuration

INET6 Data Type

Usually, INET6 refers to the IPv6 family.

  • INET6 data type is introduced to store the IPv6 addresses.
  • INET6 data type also can be used to store the IPv4 addresses assuming conventional mapping of IPv4 addresses into IPv6 addresses.
  • Internally storage engine see the INET6 as BINARY(16) and clients see the INET6 as CHAR(39)
  • Values are stored as a 16-byte fixed-length binary string


Binaries Name Changed to mariadb

All binaries are now changed to “mariadb” from “mysql”, with symlinks for the corresponding mysql command.


  • “mysql” is now “mariadb”
  • “mysqldump” is now “mariadb-dump”
  • “mysqld” is now “mariadbd”
  • “mysqld_safe” is now “mariadbd-safe”

Using “mariadb” client:

Using “mariadb-dump”: