Introducing an Update to Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL

Percona Distribution for PostgreSQLPercona is pleased to announce the release of an updated version of Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL. Following on our initial PostgreSQL Distribution, released in September 2019, this update incorporates the new features of PostgreSQL 12.2 Core Distribution including:

  • Less custom design work is required with SQL and DDL improvements that provide more flexibility and easier data manipulation
  • Enhanced partitioning control through support for foreign keys in partitions and faster partition pruning, delivering stronger relationships and freeing up space more quickly
  • Boost security with new encryption and authentication options, to more easily manage availability and access

Percona has written blogs on some of these new features, including compression of WAL archives, how to minimize benign log entries, and setting up streaming replication.

Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL provides companies with the tools, add-ons, and extensions they require in a single package. The distribution components are designed and tested to work together, easy to deploy, and fully supported by Percona. It includes:

  • PostgreSQL Core Distribution 12.2
  • pg_repack to enable rebuilding tables and indexes without locks
  • pgaudit to provide a full audit trail of user activity and sub statements executed in the database
  • pgBackRest to provide full, incremental, differential, and archive backups quickly and securely
  • Patroni to deliver a high availability environment with several nines of availability

Download Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL


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