Percona saves the day by helping educational gaming company Maths Circle work out their application performance problems

The educational game company counts on Percona for database consultancy that adds business value and infrastructure support efficiency

Bedford, United Kingdom – January 29th, 2020 – For any company, poor application performance can affect its ability to succeed. For an educational games provider such as Maths Circle, database issues could lead to unhappy children, who are unable to play and learn, as well as frustrated teachers. To solve issues in its maths game, Times Tables Rock Stars, Maths Circle turned to Percona, a leader in open source database software and services. 

Working with Percona, Maths Circle was able to address the issues which were affecting performance. This was important for the children using the game as part of their maths education and critical for Maths Circle as a business. The company’s MySQL database supports 250,000 students daily users from over 15,000 primary and secondary schools around the world. As these students compete against each other in real-time during the school day, performance issues would have a direct impact on their learning and enjoyment.

“As a former teacher, I had a lot of empathy for what our customers were going through,” said Bruno Reddy, Founder and CEO at Maths Circle. “We saw this as something that would not just affect the children using our service as part of their curriculum, but it also would affect us as a business when it came to renewing licenses and supporting the company. Bringing in expert advice and consultancy to solve these performance issues as we grew was essential to us, and to the schools and teachers that rely on the game as part of their teaching schedules.”

The team at Maths Circle worked with Percona several times to communicate the specific issues that the company faced. “Each time, the team we worked with immediately diagnosed several issues, and they provided incredibly precise recommendations on what we needed to do. Since we first worked with Percona, we have been able to double the number of concurrent users that we host with the same amount of infrastructure. Previously we would have struggled, but now we have something in place that will help our users have a good experience, and it will also help us as a business through better trial conversions and retention rates,” explained Reddy.

As part of the project, Percona helped the team at Maths Circle improve the performance of the whole application behind Times Tables Rock Stars by using a range of open source components. This included:

  • The ZFS file system to support massive compression of data, without impacting performance.
  • RabbitMQ as a message broker to enable more reliable connectivity and scalability.
  • ProxySQL to support more concurrent connections.
  • Percona Monitoring and Management for managing performance and support table edits and updates, even while the database instance was running.

Working with Percona, Maths Circle has continued to develop and grow as a company, both in the UK and internationally. Maths Circle now supports more than a million pupils worldwide in their maths education, facilitating faster recall of times tables.

“Performance is not an abstract thing – it has a concrete impact on how your customer feels during their use of an application or a website. Getting your database infrastructure right delivers a real business result. For companies that use open source databases, finding the right consulting support can make a huge difference. The team at Percona can provide that insight, whether you rely on MySQL, PostgreSQL or MongoDB,” commented Martin James, Vice President EMEA and APAC, Percona.

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