Let’s Try Something New: Percona Open Source Expert Missions!

Hello everyone! I wanted to outline a new program we are trying out. We are calling it, Percona Open Source Expert Missions. So, you might be asking… What the heck is that? 

An Expert Mission is a challenge or a contest of skill. Here at Percona, we are always looking for new ways to get people more involved in the open-source community. Our idea is to create small challenges for people to try and compete for fame, fortune (well maybe not), and cool SWAG! 

Speaking of SWAG, we have some very exclusive, limited-edition Percona items available for this first mission. In fact, we are limiting the total number of shirts and hats featuring one of these logos to just 10! If you are interested in a hat and shirt with one of these cool logos, I have a mission just for you! 

Mission #1: We are looking for some help in creating a few new dashboards for Percona Monitoring and Management. Specifically, we would like to have new dashboards to monitor and troubleshoot MySQL and PostgreSQL running in Azure Database and Google Cloud SQL. Although we already have dashboards and an exporter (that grabs data over the AWS API) for people to help monitor, observe, and troubleshoot their databases in AWS, we’d love to bring the same functionality to GCP and Azure users. For now, we are going to keep this Percona Expert Mission open-ended.

Everyone who submits a pull request will get their dashboards/exporters reviewed by engineering. Once you submit a pull request send us an email to community-team@percona.com and we will make sure it is reviewed. The top 10 submissions as judged by our engineering and product teams will get a free “normal” shirt. However, for the people whose dashboards and exporters are chosen to be included officially, we will send you a shirt and a hat with your choice of one of the exclusive graphics! Finally, if you want the ultimate personalization, our own Peter Zaitsev will autograph that hat with a special thank you message for your contribution. 


Want to know where to begin? Our own Daniil Bazhenov wrote a great ‘getting started’ article on contributing dashboards to Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM).

So what are you waiting for? Let’s build some exporters and dashboards and get some SWAG! 

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