Author - Matt Yonkovit

War Stories and Learning From Others – Percona Live

percona live

Lessons Learned – Learning from those who blazed the trail!
Another cool thing I like about attending conferences is learning from how other companies and people overcame problems, how they run their systems, and figure out problems that I may run into in the future. Secretly I also want to validate how I have done […]

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Cool New Projects, Technology, and Broadening My Horizons at Percona Live

Percona Live Yonkovit

I love learning from others and exploring the implementation details other database engines provide. Percona Live has no shortage of new databases, tools, and discussions on interesting new features or ways of tackling old problems. I went through the agenda and wanted to highlight a few new databases and tools (new to me or […]

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Percona Live Sessions for Engineers Working on Building and Developing Databases!

Percona Live

We are in the “home stretch” for Percona Live and I am continuing to highlight some of the great content out there!  Today I would like to focus on content I think will be very interesting to the developers and contributors who are working on the core elements of open source database projects.  We […]

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Hoss Talks Foss: The Podcast is Now Available

Percona Open Source Podcast

Great news!  Percona’s Community-focused podcast, hosted by none other than the HOSS (Head of Open Source Software) himself (yeah, that is me), is now available on almost all podcast platforms.
What? You didn’t know we had a podcast?
We do, and we’ve had some great episodes since we started in January. In fact, we just published […]

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The Most Important Skills for an SRE, DBRE, or DBA

Important Skills for an SRE DBRE or DBA

I have talked extensively about the DBA’s evolving role and how many DBA’s and operations professionals are now becoming SRE’s (site reliability engineers) or DBRE’s (database reliability engineers). Often, databases get blamed as the bottleneck for application slowdowns and issues, so DBAs have had to develop the skills needed to chase problems up and […]

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