Author - Matt Yonkovit

Open Source: What You Do Today Impacts Billions of People

open source affects billions

If you work in open source, we’re going to bet you may not know that what you do every day affects a billion people. Surprised? You shouldn’t be! In fact, that number is most likely even larger than that, given the popularity of open source software throughout industries across the globe.
Open source software and […]

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Ensure Your Database Infrastructure Supports New Year Revenue Goals

2020 Revenue Goals

Technology is the great enabler for all modern business growth, and databases of some sort or another underpin all modern business technology. Database technology is the infrastructure upon which modern applications and businesses are built. This is no different than what has occurred in the past with other technologies. For example, new methods of […]

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Prepare Your Databases for High Traffic on Black Friday

Prepare Your Databases For High Traffic

It’s November, so we all know what that means; it’s peak shopping season, and no date is bigger than Black Friday. But how will your database handle all that new, relentless traffic? Not only does your database have to handle traffic without slowing down, but web servers can sometimes see such sudden traffic as […]

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Your Personal Data Just Leaked and It’s (Partly) Your Fault

protect your database

Capital One dominated the headlines this week when they disclosed that they had become the latest hacking victim with a massive data breach this past March. Over 100 million people had social security numbers, bank account information, and other personal data exposed when a hacker got access to Capital One’s critical infrastructure running in […]

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