Author - Matt Yonkovit

Hoss Talks Foss: The Podcast is Now Available

Percona Open Source Podcast

Great news!  Percona’s Community-focused podcast, hosted by none other than the HOSS (Head of Open Source Software) himself (yeah, that is me), is now available on almost all podcast platforms.
What? You didn’t know we had a podcast?
We do, and we’ve had some great episodes since we started in January. In fact, we just published […]

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The Most Important Skills for an SRE, DBRE, or DBA

Important Skills for an SRE DBRE or DBA

I have talked extensively about the DBA’s evolving role and how many DBA’s and operations professionals are now becoming SRE’s (site reliability engineers) or DBRE’s (database reliability engineers). Often, databases get blamed as the bottleneck for application slowdowns and issues, so DBAs have had to develop the skills needed to chase problems up and […]

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MongoDB Sharding & Replication 101 – The Community’s Questions Answered!

MongoDB 101 Sharding and Replication

A few weeks ago I sat down and talked about tuning MongoDB memory settings with Mike Grayson, one of our MongoDB Database Engineers here at Percona. If you have not seen the video I would recommend it.  Since then I have heard from people in the community about other topics they would like to […]

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FOSDEM Is This Weekend – Matt Yonkovit’s Must-See Sessions!

FOSDEM Is This Weekend

If you have not heard, this weekend is FOSDEM.  FOSDEM this year is virtual (and open to all), and it looks like it is going to be an absolutely stellar lineup of open source content.  The details:  February 6-7th, 2021, with over 600 speakers, over 700 sessions, and 113 tracks!  So much to see. […]

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Introducing: Percona Live Community Rooms!

Percona Live Online Community Rooms

Something new and exciting this year for Percona Live ONLINE is the inclusion of “Community Rooms”.  Every year we struggle with fitting in as many sessions as we can into Percona Live.  As the largest open-source database conference, we want to be inclusive of as many different projects and database technologies as possible.  We […]

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