Swag for Review: Special Winter Set for Percona MongoDB Products

Percona Swag MongoDBWe continue to give away exclusive Percona swag for your honest reviews about our products. Today we are glad to announce a special winter set that works for the reviews on specific products.

Percona is developing three excellent products created for MongoDB database technology:

  1. Percona Server for MongoDB is a free, open-source drop-in replacement for MongoDB Community Edition but with enterprise-grade functionality.
  2. Percona Backup for MongoDB is a distributed, low-impact solution for achieving consistent backups of MongoDB sharded clusters and replica sets.
  3. Percona Distribution for MongoDB is the only truly open-source solution powerful enough for enterprise applications. Percona Server for MongoDB and Percona Backup for MongoDB are key components of Percona Distribution for MongoDB.

We believe you have tried some of them if you work with MongoDB, and now you have a great opportunity to get wonderful gifts from Percona.

All you need is to take 10 minutes and write a review on any of our MongoDB products. We will send you the latest in Percona gear – 100% free, and shipped to you anywhere in the world!

Get an awesome hoodie or hat from Percona for a review on G2.

  1. Percona Server for MongoDB
  2. Percona Backup for MongoDB

Leave a review on SourceForge and get a t-shirt or a metal mug.

  1. Percona Server for MongoDB
  2. Percona Backup for MongoDB

If you use all the products, you can leave reviews on all the platforms and get the full set. But please don’t miss a chance – the give-away finishes on December 31, 2020.

We would like to point out that feedback platforms moderate reviews, do not write short reviews, implausible reviews, or too marketing sweet reviews.

Any meaningful review (ie: not just a star rating) earns swag; whether it is positive, negative, or mixed. We believe in open source and learning from our users, so please write honestly about your experience using Percona software.

To claim your swag, email the Percona community team and include:

  1. The screenshot or link to your review
  2. Your postal address
  3. Your phone number (for delivery use only, never for marketing)
  4. The swag you’ve chosen
  5. If you have chosen a t-shirt or hoodie please also let us know what color (grey, black, or blue), and your size.

It’s that simple!

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