Aligning Percona XtraBackup Versions with Percona Server for MySQL

Aligning Percona XtraBackup Versions with Percona Server for MySQLWe are excited to let you know about two upcoming changes to Percona XtraBackup which will align Percona XtraBackup Versions with Percona Server for MySQL.  These changes are to bring Percona XtraBackup release naming line with Percona Server and MySQL and ensure Percona XtraBackup executes complete backups.

The first is a change to the naming structure of releases.  This change is something we believe will help when working with Percona products and is designed to position Percona XtraBackup to be in sync with the current release naming strategy of Percona Server for MySQL and Percona XtraDB Cluster.

The current naming structure of releases is x.y.zz where x.y is the upstream major release which is in concert with the Percona XtraBackup release (i.e. 8.0) and zz represents the build.  So 8.0.13 is based on the upstream 8.0 release and is the 13th build by Percona based on 8.0.

The new naming convention will be x.y.aa-zz.b where x.y remain the same – the upstream base (i.e 8.0) and zz will still be the Percona build number.  The aa will be the upstream build number (i.e. 21 in the 8.0.21 release) and the b will be any custom builds created on the base release.

For demonstration purposes here are some examples:

Current Naming Future Naming
8.0.14 8.0.21-14 (where aa would be 21 which is the current upstream release and 14 is the next Percona build based on the upstream release)
8.0.15 8.0.22-15 (where aa would be 22 which is the next upstream release and 15 is the next Percona build)
8.0.15-1 8.0.22-15.1 (where aa would be 22 which is the next upstream release and 15 is the next Percona build and .1 is a custom build based on the 8.0.22-15)


We believe it is important to provide advanced notice of this upcoming change so that any required analysis of automated release processing can be done so you are ready when we do make this change.

The second change coming for those who use Percona XtraBackup is a processing change.  With the last two upstream releases have come changes to MySQL which caused Percona XtraBackup processing to be affected.  In order to make sure we are supporting our customers and providing a verified solution we will be implementing changes to Percona XtraBackup as follows:

  1. When a backup is requested a check will be made to ensure the version of Percona XtraBackup is at or above the version of the database being backed up (MySQL, Percona Server for MySQL).  This will be the default configuration.
  2. If the Percona XtraBackup version is lower than the database version, processing will be stopped and Percona XtraBackup will not be allowed to continue UNLESS the default configuration provided by Percona is modified to ignore this check.
  3. Please note if this override is applied our customers will be taking responsibility for the results which can include the appearance that a successful backup has been completed when in fact the backup is actually not viable to be used in a future restoration.

The safest way to ensure your data is backed up and available for restore is to keep the Percona XtraBackup version at or above your database version and implement the new default configuration.

We are providing this information on these upcoming changes so that our customers and the community are aware and can position their environments appropriately.  We intend to make these changes within the next 6 months.  We are also looking for your feedback to ensure that this is considered as we are developing this change.  Feel free to comment below or reach out to us on the Percona XtraBackup Forum.

Our solution brief “Get Up and Running with Percona Server for MySQL” outlines setting up a MySQL® database on-premises using Percona Server for MySQL. It includes failover and basic business continuity components.

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Comments (3)

  • Laurent Indermühle Reply

    Great change! Does it apply to the 2.4 version as well or is it discontinued?

    August 19, 2020 at 5:11 am
    • Kathy Williamson Reply

      Hi – the naming of any 2.4 based releases will remain the same because 2.4 is relative to multiple upstream releases.

      August 19, 2020 at 10:31 am
  • Francisco Miguel Biete Banon Reply

    Brilliant! Thank you for doing this, even in the middle of the series, this will make our life easier.

    August 19, 2020 at 7:31 am

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