ProxySQL 1.4.13 and Updated proxysql-admin Tool

ProxySQL 1.4.12

ProxySQL 1.4.13, released by ProxySQL, is now available for download in the Percona Repository along with an updated version of Percona’s proxysql-admin tool.

ProxySQL is a high-performance proxy, currently for MySQL and its forks (like Percona Server for MySQL and MariaDB). It acts as an intermediary for client requests seeking resources from the database. René Cannaò created ProxySQL for DBAs as a means of solving complex replication topology issues.

The ProxySQL 1.4.13 source and binary packages available at include ProxySQL Admin – a tool, developed by Percona to configure Percona XtraDB Cluster nodes into ProxySQL. Docker images for release 1.4.13 are available as well: You can download the original ProxySQL from GitHub hosts the documentation in the wiki format.


  • PSQLADM-53: Improved validation when --write-node is used with proxysql-admin
  • PSQLADM-122: galera/node monitor log now reports the count of async slave nodes that are online.

Bugs Fixed

  • PSQLADM-124: If the scheduler is configured with a –config-file that points to a file that doesn’t exist, the ERR_FILE was pointing to /dev/null. As a result, the user would not be notified about the error.
  • PSQLADM-126proxysql-admincould show an error when --syncusers was used and and mysql_users table was empty.
  • PSQLADM-127: proxysql_galera_checker could corrupt the scheduler configuration after restart
  • PSQLADM-129: Stopping or restarting ProxySQL can lead to multiple instances of proxysql_galera_checker running at the same time

ProxySQL is available under Open Source license GPLv3.

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