This Week in Data with Colin Charles 13: MariaDB, M18 and YugaByte

Colin CharlesJoin Percona Chief Evangelist Colin Charles as he covers happenings, gives pointers and provides musings on the open source database community.

This week we saw the closing of the CFPs for MariaDB’s user conference, M18. Peter Zaitsev and I submitted for Percona (don’t forget that there is also a developer’s conference tacked on to this event). We don’t have high expectations of getting a talk there, but hey – you never know! I submitted a talk on running MariaDB in the cloud (either hosted on Amazon RDS or Rackspace) or in your own compute instance. Another talk on capacity planning seemed to make sense as well.

An event Percona should be at is SCALE 16x, though I’ll admit I’m a bit surprised to see that there isn’t a dedicated MySQL track this year (the PostgreSQL track is still there).

In other news, we’ve seen a new database company gain funding: YugaByte. They received $8 million, and their leadership tends to be ex-Facebook people who have worked on Apache HBase.

MariaDB Corporation raised a total of $54m in 2017, with $27 being led by Alibaba Group in their latest round (completing the Series C funding round). The Reg reports claims that MariaDB has access to more than 60 million devs (is this number even higher than the MySQL developers out there?). The Techcrunch take. There hasn’t been any reporting of this in mainstream press like the Wall Street Journal or the Financial Times.


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