Percona Server 5.6.33-79.0 is now available

percona server 5.6.33-79.0Percona announces the release of Percona Server 5.6.33-79.0 on October 18th, 2016. Download the latest version from the Percona web site or the Percona Software Repositories.

Based on MySQL 5.6.33, including all the bug fixes in it, Percona Server 5.6.33-79.0 is the current GA release in the Percona Server 5.6 series. Percona Server is open-source and free – this is the latest release of our enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL. Complete details of this release are available in the 5.6.33-79.0 milestone on Launchpad.

New Features:
  • Percona Server has implemented support for per-column VARCHAR/BLOB compression for the XtraDB storage engine. This also features compression dictionary support, to improve compression ratio for relatively short individual rows, such as JSON data.
  • A new TokuDB tokudb_dir_per_db option has been introduced to address two TokuDB shortcomings, the renaming of data files on table/index rename, and the ability to group data files together within a directory that represents a single database. This feature is disabled by default.
Bugs Fixed:
  • After fixing bug #1540338, system table engine validation check is no longer skipped for tables that don’t have an explicit ENGINE clause in a CREATE TABLE statement. If MySQL upgrade statements are replicated, and slave does not have the MyISAM set as a default storage engine, then the CREATE TABLE mysql.server statement would attempt to create an InnoDB table and fail because mysql_system_tables.sql script omitted explicit engine setting for this table. Bug fixed #1600056.
  • Audit Log Plugin malformed record could be written after audit_log_flush was set to ON in ASYNC and PERFORMANCE modes. Bug fixed #1613650.
  • A race condition between HandlerSocket and server shutdown could lead to a server stall if shutdown was issued immediately after HandlerSocket startup. Bug fixed #1617198.
  • HandlerSocket could access freed memory on startup. Bug fixed #1617998.
  • Workloads with statements that take non-transactional locks (LOCK TABLES, global read lock, and similar) could have caused deadlocks when running under Thread Pool with high priority queue enabled and thread_pool_high_prio_mode set to transactions. Fixed by placing such statements into the high priority queue even with the above thread_pool_high_prio_mode setting. Bugs fixed #1619559 and #1374930.
  • Fixed memory leaks in Audit Log Plugin. Bug fixed #1620152 (upstream #71759).
  • Server could crash due to a glibc bug in handling short-lived detached threads. Bug fixed #1621012 (upstream #82886).
  • QUERY_RESPONSE_TIME_READ and QUERY_RESPONSE_TIME_WRITE were returning QUERY_RESPONSE_TIME table data if accessed through a name that is not full uppercase. Bug fixed #1552428.
  • Fixed memory leaks in HandlerSocket. Bug fixed #1617949.
  • KILL QUERY was not behaving consistently and it would hang in some cases. Bug fixed #1621046 (upstream #45679).
  • Cipher ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256 was listed in the list of supported ciphers but it wasn’t supported. Bug fixed #1622034 (upstream #82935).
  • Successful doublewrite recovery was showed as a warning in the error log. Bug fixed #1622985.
  • Variable query_cache_type couldn’t be set to 0 if it was already set to that value. Bug fixed #1625501 (upstream #69396).
  • LRU manager thread could run too long on a server shutdown, causing a server crash. Bug fixed #1626069.
  • tokudb_default was not recognized by Percona Server as a valid row format. Bug fixed #1626206.
  • InnoDB ANALYZE TABLE didn’t remove its table from the background statistics processing queue. Bug fixed #1626441 (upstream #71761).
  • Upstream merge for #81657 to 5.6 was incorrect. Bug fixed #1626936 (upstream #83124).
  • Fixed multi-threaded slave thread leaks that happened in case of thread create failure. Bug fixed #1619622 (upstream #82980).
  • Shutdown waiting for a purge to complete was undiagnosed for the first minute. Bug fixed #1616785.
  • Unnecessary InnoDB change buffer merge attempts are now skipped upon reading disk pages of non-applying types. Bug fixed #1618393 (upstream #75235).

Other bugs fixed: #1614439, #1614949, #1616392 (upstream #82798), #1624993 (#736), #1613647, #1626002 (upstream #83073), #904714, #1610102, #1610110, #1613663, #1613728, #1613986, #1614885, #1615959, #1615970, #1616333, #1616404, #1616768, #1617150, #1617216, #1617267, #1618478, #1618811, #1618819, #1619547, #1619572, #1620583, #1622449, #1622456, #1622977, #1623011, #1624992 (#1014), #1625176, #1625187, #1626500, #1628417, #964, and #735.

NOTE: If you haven’t already, make sure to add the new Debian/Ubuntu repository signing key.

Release notes for Percona Server 5.6.33-79.0 are available in the online documentation. Please report any bugs on the launchpad bug tracker.

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Comments (2)

  • arek

    Fails to build here:

    /home/users/arekm/rpm/BUILD/percona-server-5.6.33-79.0/plugin/HandlerSocket-Plugin-for-MySQL/handlersocket/hstcpsvr_worker.cpp: In member function ‘virtual void dena::hstcpsvr_worker::run()’:
    /home/users/arekm/rpm/BUILD/percona-server-5.6.33-79.0/plugin/HandlerSocket-Plugin-for-MySQL/handlersocket/hstcpsvr_worker.cpp:328:5: error: ‘lock_guard’ was not declared in this scope
    lock_guard crit_sec(const_cast(vshared.v_mutex));

    5.5.32-78.1 works fine

    November 3, 2016 at 4:24 pm
    • arek

      … and I’ll wait for next version before reporting it to launchpad 😉

      November 3, 2016 at 4:24 pm

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