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What is a big innodb_log_file_size?

big innodb_log_file_size

In this post, we’ll discuss what constitutes a big
innodb_log_file_size, and how it can affect performance.
In the comments for our post on Percona Server 5.7 performance improvements, someone asked why we use
innodb_log_file_size=10G with an indication that it might be too big?
In my previous post (, the example used
innodb_log_file_size=15G. Is that too big? Let’s take […]

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Galera Error Failed to Report Last Committed (Interrupted System Call)

In this blog, we’ll discuss the ramifications of the Galera Error Failed to Report Last Committed (Interrupted System Call).
I have recently seen this error with Percona XtraDB Cluster (or Galera):
[Warning] WSREP: Failed to report last committed 549684236, -4 (Interrupted system call)
It was posted in launchpad as a bug in 2013:

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Asynchronous Query Execution with MySQL 5.7 X Plugin

In this blog, we will discuss MySQL 5.7 asynchronous query execution using the X Plugin.
MySQL 5.7 supports X Plugin / X Protocol, which allows (if the library supports it) asynchronous query execution. In 2014, I published a blog on how to increase a slow query performance with the parallel query execution. There, I created a prototype in […]

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