Useful MySQL 5.6 features you get for free in PXC 5.6

I get a lot of questions about Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.6 (PXC 5.6), specifically about whether such and such MySQL 5.6 Community Edition feature is in PXC 5.6.  The short answer is: yes, all features in community MySQL 5.6 are in Percona Server 5.6 and, in turn, are in PXC 5.6.  Whether or not the new feature is useful in 5.6 really depends on how useful it is in general with Galera.

I thought it would be useful to highlight a few features and try to show them working:

Innodb Fulltext Indexes

Yes, FTS works in Innodb in 5.6, so why wouldn’t it work in PXC 5.6?  To test this I used the Sakila database , which contains a single table with FULLTEXT.  In the sakila-schema.sql file, it is still designated a MyISAM table:

I edited that file to change MyISAM to Innodb, loaded the schema and data into my 3 node cluster:

and it works seamlessly:

Sure enough, I can run this query on any node and it works fine:

There might be a few caveats and differences from how FTS works in Innodb vs MyISAM, but it is there.

Minimal replication images

Galera relies heavily on RBR events, but until 5.6 those were entire row copies, even if you only changed a single column in the table. In 5.6 you can change this to send only the updated data using the variable binlog_row_image=minimal.

Using a simple sysbench update test for 1 minute, I can determine the baseline size of the replicated data: