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Is VoltDB really as scalable as they claim?

 | February 28, 2011 |  Posted In: Benchmarks, MySQL

Before I begin, a disclaimer. VoltDB is not a customer, and did not pay Percona or me to investigate VoltDB’s scalability or publish this blog post. More disclaimers at the end. Short version: VoltDB is very scalable; it should scale to 120 partitions, 39 servers, and 1.6 million complex transactions per second at over 300 […]

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Percona Server Scales Vertically with Virident tachIOn Drives

 | February 28, 2011 |  Posted In: Hardware and Storage, MySQL

We’ve published a new white paper that explains how to stop sharding and start scaling vertically with PCI-E flash drives, specifically the Virident tachIOn drive, which offers consistent, low-latency IO performance. I’ve been beating this drum for a while, so it’s a great feeling to have an explicitly recommended reference architecture: buy flash storage first, […]

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Percona welcomes Alexey Kopytov

 | February 27, 2011 |  Posted In: Events and Announcements

Percona is pleased to extend a belated welcome to Alexey Kopytov. He actually joined us back in November, 2010, but we somehow overlooked blogging then about his switch from Oracle to Percona. Alexey has over six years of work deep in MySQL source code as part of MySQL AB, then Sun, and later Oracle. His […]

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Percona Server and XtraBackup weekly news, February 19th

 | February 21, 2011 |  Posted In: MySQL, Percona Software

This week’s announcement is short: last week was pretty much all-hands-on-deck for our first 5.5.8 release. Still, it wasn’t ALL about the new release: The beta release of Percona Server 5.5.8 is out! More details in the release notes. There are ongoing discussions about parallel replication, as well as customer requests for enhancements to row-based […]

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The Data is Coming! The Data is Coming!

 | February 18, 2011 |  Posted In: Tokutek, TokuView

This was an interesting week for data discussions in the Boston area. There were two back-to-back events this week — Big Data on Wednesday night hosted by TiE Boston and Channeling the Big Data Tsunami by MassTLC on Thursday morning. With desperate sounding headlines, I was beginning to fear that big data was going to […]

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How to syntax-check your my.cnf file

 | February 17, 2011 |  Posted In: Insight for DBAs, MySQL

For a long time I’ve used a little trick to check whether there are syntax errors in a server’s my.cnf file. I do this when I need to shut down and restart the server, and I’ve either made changes to the file, or I’m worried that someone else has done so. I don’t want to […]

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