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Diagnosing and fixing MySQL Performance Problems in Russian in Moscow, Russia

During my visit to Moscow, Russia next month I’m going to give a full day training/tutorial presentation on Diagnosing and Fixing MySQL Performance Problems . This even will be based on updated and expanded tutorial from MySQL Conference & Expo which was so popular it was sold out earlier this year. […]

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Percona Server 5.1.50-rel11.4

Dear Community,
Percona Server version 5.1.50-rel11.4 is now available for download.
The changes in this release include:
New features
The primary purpose of this release is to update to the latest version of MySQL 5.1.

Percona Server 5.1.50-rel11.4 is now based on MySQL 5.1.50.

Fixed bugs

innodb_use_sys_stats_table – The





table is now used only for non-temporary tables.

The binary packages are […]

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Instrumentation and the cost of Foreign Keys

I occasionally get in to light arguments healthy discussions with students about whether or not to use Foreign Key constraints on InnoDB tables.  My standard response has always been: “it depends on how much of a tradeoff you are willing to make for performance. In some situations the cost can be considerable”.
.. […]

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