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Announcing TokuDB v3.1

Tokutek is pleased to announce immediate availability of TokuDB for MySQL, version 3.1. It is designed for continuous querying and analysis of large volumes of rapidly arriving and changing data, while maintaining full ACID properties.
TokuDB v3.1’s new functionality includes:

Improved handling of a full disk
Configurable disk space reserve
Faster group commits
Faster crash recovery

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RAID throughput on FusionIO

Along with maximal possible fsync/sec it is interesting how different software RAID modes affects throughput on FusionIO cards.
In short conclusion, RAID10 modes really disappoint me, the detailed numbers to follow.
To get numbers I run


sysbench fileio


sysbench fileio

test with 16KB page size, random read and writes, 1 and 16 threads, O_DIRECT mode.
FusionIO cards are […]

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Dear Community,
It is time to announce the next version of backup software from Percona – XtraBackup 1.1.
The list of changes in version 1.1 includes:

XtraBackup is built on a base of MySQL 5.1.44 with InnoDB plugin 1.0.6
Added –host option
tar4ibd can treat over 64GB file
tar4ibd is default method for stream, even tar is specified
the binary supports […]

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