Monthly Archives - February 2010

MySQL 5.5-m2 scalability

Oracle recently announcent MySQL-5.5.2-m2 milestone, and I have a predition that MySQL-5.5 will be announced as GA on MySQL UC 2010 in April.
So let’s make quick on scalability characteristics we should expect from new release.
I made sysbench oltp benchmarks on 10 mln rows (worth 2.5GB of data), on our Dell R900 system ( 16 […]

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Index lock and adaptive search – next two biggest InnoDB problems

Running many benchmarks on fast storage (FusionIO, SSDs) and multi-cores CPUs system I constantly face two contention problems.
So I suspect it’s going to be next biggest issues to make InnoDB scaling on high-end system.
This is also reason why in benchmarks I posted previously CPU usage is only about 50%, leaving other 50% in idle […]

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Announcing General Availability of TokuDB v3.0 with ACID Support

Tokutek is pleased to announce immediate availability of TokuDB for MySQL, version 3.0. It is designed for continuous querying and analysis of large volumes of rapidly arriving and changing data, while maintaining full ACID properties.
TokuDB v3.0 combines our long-standing performance advantages with ACID compliant transactional integrity:

10x-50x faster indexing for faster querying
Full support for ACID […]

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