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New OLAP Wikistat benchmark: Introduction and call for feedbacks

I’ve seen my posts on Ontime Air traffic and Star Schema Benchmark got a lot of interest

Star Schema Bechmark: InfoBright, InfiniDB and LucidDB

Analyzing air traffic performance with InfoBright and MonetDB

Air traffic queries in LucidDB

Air traffic queries in InfiniDB: early alpha

However benchmarks by itself did not cover all cases I would want, so I was thinking about better scenario. The biggest problem is to get real big enough dataset, and I thank to Bradley C. Kuszmaul, he pointed […]

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Percona is hiring a Shift Support Captain

Percona is hiring. As part of our growth process, we introduced the role of the Shift Support Captain in 2009
(see the original announcement here) to
provide customers with a 24×7 technical contact person.
The Shift Support Team dispatches incoming emergencies, assigns new issues, handles or escalates incoming Nagios alerts from some customers, and in general makes […]

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When Should You Store SQL Serialized Data in the Database?

A while back Friendfeed posted a blog post explaining how they changed from storing data in MySQL columns to serializing data and just storing it inside TEXT/BLOB columns. It seems that since then, the technique has gotten more popular with Ruby gems now around to do this for you automatically. (more…)

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