Analyzing air traffic performance with InfoBright and MonetDB

Accidentally me and Baron played with InfoBright (see this week. And following Baron’s example I also run the same load against MonetDB. Reading comments to Baron’s post I tied to load the same data to LucidDB, but I was not successful in this.

I tried to analyze a bigger dataset and I took public available data about USA domestic flights with information about flight length and delays.

The data is available from 1988 to 2009 in chunks per month, so I downloaded 252 files (for 1988-2008 years) with size from 170MB to 300MB each. In total raw data is about 55GB. Average amount of rows in each chunk is 483762.46 (the query Q0 is:

for InfoBright and

for MonetDB. For InfoBright it took 4.19 sec to execute and 29.9 sec for MonetDB, but it’s almost single case where MonetDB was significantly slower)

Few words about environment: server Dell SC1425, with 4GB of RAM and Dual Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.40GHz.
InfoBright (ICE) version: 5.1.14-log build number (revision)=IB_3.2_GA_5316(ice)
MonetDB version: server v5.14.2, based on kernel v1.32.2
LucidDB was 0.9.1

The table I loaded data is: