Monthly Archives - August 2009

Looking at Redis

Recently I had a chance to take a look at Redis project, which is semi-persistent in memory database with idea somethat similar to memcache but richer feature set.
Redis has simple single process event driven design, which means it does not have to deal with any locks which is performance killer for a lot […]

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Dear Community,
The release 0.9 of the opensource backup tool for InnoDB and XtraDB is available for download.

tar4ibd could not treat over 8GB file, now max 64GB
prepare-speed-hack is added

Fixed bugs:

Bug #386179: “InnoDB: Error: space id in fsp header 143088, but in the page header 0”
Bug #394374: “Can’t compile with MySQL 5.1”
Bug #394781: “xtrabackup requires write […]

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