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Call for opinions: Do we need MySQL 5.0 with MySQL 5.4 performance

MySQL 5.4 comes with Innodb engine which seems to have much better performance than MySQL 5.0 – this is due to locking and IO patches from Google integrated in this release (which are similar to appropriate Percona patches) as well as some unique fixes such as different innodb_thread_concurrency handling and other optimization.
Should […]

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We announce next beta version of our xtrabackup tool.
Changelist includes:
– set innodb_fast_shutdown=1 on xtrabackup shutdown
– set innodb_write_io_threads=10 by default for fast buffer_pool flushing during recovery
– build xtrabackup with –with-extra-charsets=complex
Bug #357653: innobackupex-1.5.1 –copy-back fails
Bug #358194: 2nd-phase is very slow
Bug #358266: xtrabackup-0.5 dies with SEGV on bad command line arguments
Bug #359341: innobackupex still does not read […]

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XtraDB storage engine release 1.0.3-5

Today we glad to announce release 1.0.3-5 of our XtraDB storage engine.
Here is a list of enhancements in this release:

move to MySQL 5.1.34
removed rw_lock patch, so we now use Google’s rw_locks

fix crash after upgrade 5.1.31 -> 5.1.33

fix mysql-test

Percona XtraDB 1.0.3-5 available in source and several binary packages.
XtraDB is compatible with existing InnoDB tables […]

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High Anxiety Whenever You’re Near

Every time I visit the Sun Santa Clara Campus, I’m reminded of Mel
Brooks’s movie “High Anxiety”. The campus was known as The Great
Asylum for the Insane in the 19th century, and even includes a tower.

High Anxiety,
whenever you’re near.
High Anxiety,
it’s you that I fear.

I went to the MySQL Storage Engine (SE) Summit […]

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Meet the faces of Percona this week in Santa Clara

This year we’ve assembled a team of seven Perconian representatives for the MySQL Conference & Expo/Percona Performance Conference. If you like a particular blog post we’ve written over the last year, have any other feedback, or just want to say hello – we’d like to meet you!

From left to right; Morgan, Ewen, Baron, […]

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