Monthly Archives - July 2006

Returning to InnoDB scalability

I’m again returning to InnoDB scalability and related bug #15815 as it hurts many users and customers using multi-cpu servers.
Short intro into problem:
On 4-CPU box 1 thread executes full-table scan select query for 8 sec,
but with 4 threads – each thread executes query for 240 sec.
It is very strange as threads use only SELECT […]

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Stack trace for x86_64 boxes

We are going to release several patches which are not included in official MySQL releases.
First one is automatically stack trace for x86_64 systems. Currently MySQL resolves stack in crash only for x86 boxes.
You can download patch for 5.0.22 source tree here.
How to use: place stack64.diff into main source dir; execute patch -p1 < stack64.diff. One [...]

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