MySQL ConnectLater this week I’m traveling to San Francisco to attend MySQL Connect – which looks like an exciting event to be at. I’m going to deliver two talks at this show, both on Sunday – MySQL Indexing Best Practices for MySQL 5.6 and Optimizing MySQL Configuration for MySQL 5.6. I will also be there for a Percona Toolkit BoF on Saturday and at our Booth (6004) during select expo hall hours.

What I’m looking forward to at this event the most is an update on MySQL technology both from Oracle’s engineering team as well as MySQL users. People from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Paypal and Mozilla will also be sharing their respective MySQL experiences at the show.

One of the talks I’m most excited about: Dimitri Kravchuk’s MySQL Performance Tuning and Best Practices tutorial on Monday is likely to be great. Dimitri always provides in-depth analyses and has a deep understanding of source of Performance Issues. Another is Performance Schema and ps_helper by Mark Leith. Chances are you do not know as much about MySQL 5.6 Performance schema as you should and Mark is the guy when it comes to practical use of Performance Schema. Another talk is What’s New in MySQL Database 5.7 is a presentation I hope to give us a good preview of MySQL Future.

See you in SF. Let’s Connect at MySQL Connect!