Author - Corrado Pandiani

MongoDB Data at Rest Encryption Using eCryptFS

In this post, we’ll look at MongoDB data at rest encryption using eCryptFS, and how to deploy a MongoDB server using encrypted data files.
When dealing with data, a good security policy should enforce the use of “no trivial” passwords, the use of encrypted connections and hopefully encrypted files on the disks.
Only the MongoDB Enterprise […]

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Using ProxySQL and VIRTUAL Columns to Solve ORM Issues

implement ProxySQL with AWS Aurora

In this blog post, we’ll look at using ProxySQL and VIRTUAL columns to solve object-relational mapping (ORM) issues.
There are a lot of web frameworks all around. Programmers and web designers are using them to develop and deploy any website and web application. Just to cite some of the most famous names: Drupal, Ruby on […]

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