Author - Corrado Pandiani

Want MongoDB Performance? You Will Need to Add and Remove Indexes!

MongoDB Performance

Good intentions can sometimes end up with bad results.  Adding indexes boosts performance until it doesn’t. Avoid over-indexing.
The difference between your application being fast, responsive, and scaling properly is often dependent on how you use indexes in the database.  MongoDB is no different, its performance (and the overall performance of your application) is heavily […]

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Thinking About Deploying MongoDB? Read This First.

Deploying MongoDB

Are you thinking about deploying MongoDB? Is it the right choice for you?
Choosing a database is an important step when designing an application. A wrong choice can have a negative impact on your organization in terms of development and maintenance. Also, the wrong choice can lead to poor performance.
Generally speaking, any kind of database […]

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Enabling HTTPS Connections to Percona Monitoring and Management Using Custom Certificates

HTTPS Connections to Percona Monitoring and Management

Whichever way you installed Percona Monitoring and Management 2 (PMM2), using the docker image or an OVF image for your supported virtualized environment, PMM2 enables, by default, two ports for the web connections: 80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS. Using HTTPS certificates are requested for encrypting the connection for better security.
All the installation […]

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New in MongoDB 4.4: Hidden Index

MongoDB 4.4 Hidden Index

We already presented a previous article on the index types available on MongoDB. MongoDB 4.4 was released a few months ago and introduced a new interesting feature: the hidden index.
This feature is also available on Percona Server for MongoDB 4.4. In this article, we’ll see what it is.
What is a Hidden Index
A hidden index […]

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MongoDB: Utilization of an Index on Subdocuments

MongoDB Index on Subdocument

MongoDB has a lot of possibilities for creating indexes. We have seen in previous articles some of the available index types and discussed explain() usage:
Using Partial and Sparse Indexes in MongoDB
MongoDB Index Types and MongoDB explain() (part 1)
MongoDB: Investigate Queries with explain() and Index Usage (part 2)
You can have a look at those if […]

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