Win Percona Swag for Technical Product Reviews!

Percona Swag ReviewYou can earn Percona swag by writing a short technical review about Percona software by May 30, 2021!  The keyword here is technical. Percona is seeking reviews that describe Percona software use in particular environments or in solving particular issues, and why!

This means being specific about your Percona environment, architecture, and problem-solving. Usage of any size, from small to enterprise, is welcome. Relevant topics may include the operating system, CPU, memory, volumes of data, engines, programming languages, applications, versions, configurations, bugs, performance, obstacles, etc. Naturally, you should not disclose anything confidential or proprietary when you write.

App marketplaces collect hundreds of user reviews and help users make sound decisions. If Percona has been good for you, your testimonials and recommendations can also help others find similar success. Add your review to one of these well-known software marketplaces: Capterra, G2, and SourceForge under one of these seven Percona product areas:

Percona Product Capterra   G2           SourceForge
Percona Monitoring and Management Capterra G2 SourceForge
Percona Server For MySQL Capterra G2 SourceForge
Percona XtraDB Cluster Capterra G2 SourceForge
Percona XtraBackup Capterra G2 SourceForge
Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL G2 SourceForge
Percona Backup for MongoDB G2 SourceForge
Percona Server for MongoDB G2 SourceForge
Percona Kubernetes Operator for Percona XtraDB Cluster G2 SourceForge


Review authors will receive a Percona T-shirt and a mug shipped free almost anywhere in the world. To claim your swag, email after your review is published. Include the following:

  1. Link to your published review.
  2. Your postal address.
  3. Your phone number (for delivery use only, never for marketing).
  4. Your T-shirt size (Small, Medium, Large, or Extra Large).
  5. Your preferred shirt color (White, Black, or Blue).

All reviews are read by our team and gratefully received. Note however that generalized reviews without strong technical content are not eligible to receive swag. Percona reserves final judgment on which reviews qualify and which do not.  Thank you for your submission!

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