Percona Monitoring and Management 2.15 Brings Even MORE Reasons to Upgrade to PMM v2!

Percona Monitoring and Management - 2.15In November of 2020, we announced that in early 2021 Percona was slated to release a version of Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) v2 that would include all of the critical functionality users of PMM v1 have come to know and love over the years. In our initial blog, we also addressed some of the specifics related to features for which we had not yet achieved parity such as external services, annotations, MongoDB Explain, and custom collectors per service to name a few.

Well friends the time has come, and we’re happy to announce that any remaining critical parity items have been completed… but even MORE importantly, the enhancements to Percona Monitoring and Management v2 are ones you won’t want to miss out on. This means one thing: if you haven’t already — IT’S TIME TO UPGRADE!

Some of the most recent work included in the PMM 2.15 release include:

Disable collectors while adding node/service to monitoring:

  • PMM users can disable any collector PMM utilizes to gather metrics. In certain situations, disabling the collector(s) prevents PMM from flooding logs or saves infrastructure resources if the given metrics simply aren’t needed. This is an early step towards providing our users full management capabilities when it comes to the metrics they collect. We will continue to expand this effort in future releases.

External services monitoring:

  • Prior to this release, PMM v2 did not support external services monitoring on systems that couldn’t also run the PMM client. BUT as of this week, any non-native services supported by PMM can now be monitored with external services monitoring. You can see the list of possible exporters to be used here:

Provide summary information for systems (pt-*-summary actions):

  • With the addition of “pt-*-summary” in PMM v2, users can now view summary information pertaining to services and nodes within their PMM dashboard. Summary information is provided in the format of pt-*-summary tools output, in order to simplify the portability of this data. This format will also be preserved when summary information is shared with the Percona Support team, simplifying their investigations of issues.

Note: “pt-*-summary” includes formats for: 

  • pt-mysql-summary
  • pt-mongodb-summary
  • pt-pg-summary
  • pt-summary


HAProxy support by PMM

  • Users are now able to add HAProxy services to be monitored in PMM v2. This allows users who use HAProxy in their HA configuration to have this component also monitored by PMM.

As a refresher, PMM v2 users also benefit from other valuable enhancements over PMM v1, including:

  • A complete rewrite of the Query Analytics (QAN) tool, including improved speed, global sparkline hover, filtering, new dimensions to collect data, and rich searching capabilities.
  • Our Security Threat Tool (STT) so that you not only can monitor database performance but also database security vulnerabilities.
  • A robust expansion of MongoDB and PostgreSQL support (along with continued improvements for MySQL).
  • Integration with external AlertManager to create and deploy alerting and “integrated alerting” to provide native alerting inside PMM itself.
  • Global and local annotations across nodes and services to highlight key events for correlation. Get to the “WHY” and easily see changes occurring in your environment(s).

There is no better time than now to upgrade to Percona Monitoring and Management v2!

One last reminder, we are flipping the latest version flag to the PMM v2 series from PMM v1 with this release.

Please note that this does NOT mean that we are “sunsetting” PMM v1 and will no longer support that application. While we are not creating new features for PMM v1, we do continue to maintain it with critical bug fixes as needed as well as support for the product for those customers on a support contract. This maintenance and support will continue until PMM moves to version 3.x at a date to be determined in the future.

Let us know your thoughts on these new PMM v2 features as well as any ideas you have for improvement.

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Read the PMM 2.15 full release notes here

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